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Creating details page based off of Gridview/XML Binding

I know this is a rather dumb question, but basically I have a main page with a gridview bound to an XML source, and I want you to click on a link that each item has, and when you do that it directs you to a "Details" page (ie you click on a movie title and it directs you to a page that has more info on that movie, with the info being generated from the XML file based on the ID that is sent from the previous page.)

I know how to do this in .Net 1.1, which involved making a separate class and putting the XML info in that, but I imagine there HAS to be an easier way within the 2.0 framework, considering the implementation of Gridview and Detailsview. When I try and have the info binded on the details page, all it does is show the details of the first id, regardless of what id value is passed. I can post the XML file if necessary, but its a rather basic XML setup. I've tried using the XmlDataSource as opposed to manually coding everything myself. I was trained in developing everything by code as opposed to controls that generate it, but I figure if the control can do it more easily and quickly, it isn't a bad idea to learn that method.

So I guess the question is how do you efficiently create a "details" page when trying to pass a value from a previous page and then grab that info from a binded XML file?


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