an idiot (cndnbcn85) wrote in aspdotnet,
an idiot

uuugh.... database issues

I'm trying to set up a database connection with ASP.NET in Dreamweaver MX 2004 (yeah, a little older...), and everything in the site has a check mark that needs to before you add a connection, and I add the database file, and even hit test and it registers fine. Then when I go to add a new record set, I select the database, but it says "***No table found". So apparently it's ok with the file path, it just can't read the database tables.

I've made sure the .net framework was all good to go, and I downloaded the MDAC 2.7 files and got those all set. Is there something I'm missing? I'm trying to work with Access and because that's what a position I'm trying to move into uses, so, I don't really have other options.

Also, I'm thinking maybe there's an issue with drivers because even when I try to hand code it with examples from, when I call it up in either IE or Firefox, it just displays the code....
any ideas?
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